Tyre-Pro 3/8 inch reversible ratchet

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Eastbound purpose made adapter and the BGS reversible 3/8″ ratchet head. A versatile and convenient tool which is light, compact and easy to store on your motorcycle.



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Tyre-Pro 3/8 inch reversible ratchet

The Tyre-Pro reversible ratchet consists of an Eastbound 7075 T6 aluminium adapter and the BGS 3/8″ reversible  ratchet head. With this modular 3/8 inch reversible ratchet you have a compact and convenient tool which is light, compact and easy to store on your motorcycle. It easily fits in the Tyre-Pro tool storage pouch as provided with the Tyre-Pro tool kits. The rectangular 9 x 12 mm shaft lock into the Eastbound adapter with a quick release locking pin.

Technical data

  • BGS 3/8 inch reversible ratchet head material; Chrome Vanadium Steel
  • Eastbound ratchet adapter material; 7075 T6 Aluminium
  • Gross weight ratchet head plus adapter; 190 g
  • Surface finish ratchet head; Satin chrome plated
  • Adapter surface finish; aluminium colored anodized
  • Drive profile size, inch 3/8 “, metric 10 mm
  • DIN ISO 3120 | 1174-1
  • No. of teeth in ratchet head 72
  • Length; 9,5cm (excluding handle set)
  • Torque capacity; 140Nm


The modular 3/8 inch reversible ratchet is an option with the Tyre-Pro tool kits! The Tyre-Pro lever set is not included with the loose ratchet.

BGS technic KG is a traditional German, owner-run family business. It has been supplying a steadily growing range of hand tools and specialty motor vehicle tools for over 45 years. BGS tools stand out because of their high quality and excellent value for money

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Dimensions 9,5 × 3,3 × 3,1 cm
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