Motorcycle Tyre Repair Kit; Tyre-Pro Base Kit

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Ultra-compact, lightweight and truly pocket sized motorcycle tyre repair tool kit designed for motorcycle travellers. At just 450 grams (16 oz) packed in a 17 x 9 cm (7 “x 4”) pouch its the lightest and most compact set available.  

You can add below listed optional axle nut wrenches to suit your bike(s)


The Eastbound motorcycle tyre repair kit;

  • Premium quality tools, CNC machined from billet 7075 T6  ‘aerospace’ aluminium
  • Manufactured in the Netherlands, no Chinese mass production!
  • modular extendable design, customizable to your motorcycle.

The TyrePro Base Kit contains;

  • two (2) lever sets (2 male elements + 2 female element),
  • two (2) tyre spoons,
  • one (1) bead breaker fulcrum,
  • two (2) heavy duty canvas storage pouches.
  • one (1) set of spare O-rings

You can complete your Tyre-Pro tool set with lightweight ringspanners in the specific sizes of your motorcycle. And you can add more super handy Tyre-Pro optional extras to your kit. Refer to below proposed options.

Ultra-compact, lightweight and truly pocket sized

Most motorcycle tyre repair tools are too heavy or too long to fit in a tool roll or under your seat. They are difficult to carry on a motorbike with very little storage space. At the same time they are too short to be really efficient for the job.

Specifically designed for motorcycle travellers;

The Tyre-Pro motorcycle tyre repair tools are lightweight, compact and completely customizable depending on your wishes and motorcycle requirements.

The Tyre-Pro motorcycle tyre repair kit solves some paradoxal requirements and is truly pocket size and yet provides full size spanners, tyre levers and a powerful (patented) bead breaker. It packs in two small pouches of only 17 x 9cm (6.7″ x 3.6″). With roughly the size of a smartphone, each pouch weights only +/- 275 grams (0.60 lbs/9.7 oz) and are easy to store on the bike or carry  in jacket pockets or even in inner pockets. Very useful for day rides when you don’t carry luggage but also for longer trips and adventure rides when space and weight are at a premium. The Base Kit fits in one pouch but is provided with two pouches which allows for extension with the optional Tyre-Pro parts (spanners, WheelWedge, 1/4 inch drive adapter) and improves storage flexibility.

Optional add-on items; 

  • extra tyre spoons and levers,
  • spanners in sizes 17, 19, 22, 24, 27 or 32mm,
  • 13mm – 3/8″ square socket drive,
  • WheelWedge / bead lock,
  • HEX Axle tool
  • extra pouches

You can find more information about Tyre-Pro tool kit under the tab Technical Product Info.  

TIP if you prefer working with three tyre levers; by adding one extra Tyre-Pro tyre spoon (shown below), you can effectively assemble two tyre levers of 225 mm plus one tyre lever of 340 mm.

Additional information

Weight 0.450 kg
Dimensions 17 × 10 × 2.5 cm

Weight 0.050 kg

Weight 0.056 kg

Weight 0.05 kg

Weight 0.045 kg
Dimensions 10 × 3.5 × 1 cm

Weight 0.041 kg

Weight 0.036 kg

4 reviews for Motorcycle Tyre Repair Kit; Tyre-Pro Base Kit

  1. Gionata Nencini

    Ultra light, compact sized, reliable, strong, effective and a must have for any adventure ride. Highly recommended!

  2. Marc Attree

    Great quality product, well designed packs up into two small pouches easy to store on the bike.
    Would recommend getting this kit.

  3. Jason Clarke

    I received my tyre pro kit and was impressed on how light and compact it all was. (Which is why I invested in it in the first place)
    I bought my tyre and tried them out.
    I bought the 27mm spanner for my rear wheel of my Tiger 800xc. I used it and that was all good so I started the front tyre change.
    I also got the 3/8” socket drive for the front axle bolt.
    It takes quite a lot of force to remove a motorbike tyre and my brother was saying the levers would bend or worse still, break. I told him they’re built to do the job and trust them. The bead breaker worked a treat and once the tyre was off and changed the wedge also worked like a dream to aid putting it back on. That and some Vaseline.
    This is the first time I’ve changed a tyre on a motorbike and thought I’d practice in the garage and not on a mountain track somewhere.
    All in all I love them. 10/10. And hope I never have to use them 😉

  4. LAURA BUITRON – Chicka Motorunner

    I have a BMWf800GSA, and most of the time I ride solo and pretty remote areas. I have had a bunch of flat tires and with semi knobby tires my main problem was to break the bead, a great frustration as I had spare tubes and couldn’t fix my own tire. I have the MotoWinch from Eastbound and after using and realizing how easy was to use and how well was designed and fabricated, I got the Tyre-Pro Lever Set … now I do not doubt taking any lonely road for fear of having a flat tire and getting stuck! #chicamotorunner

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