Motorcycle Tyre Repair Extension Kit (for Wheel Service Kits)

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With this Tool Kit you expand your Wheel Service Kit to a complete tool kit for wheel and brake service, replace tyres or to repair a puncture.

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The Motorcycle Tyre Repair Extention Kit is an extention kit for all Wheel Service Kits.

You can simply extend your Wheel Service Kit with this Tyre Repair Extension Kit. This Motorcycle Tyre Repair Extension kit is essentially the same as the Tyre-Pro Base Kit but with only one handle set because you already have one handle set with your Wheel Service Kit. The Wheel Service Kit is therefore not suitable as a stand-alone kit and needs to be purchase in combination with Wheel Service Kit (or MotoWinch) to use its full potential.

Together with your Wheel Service Kit you can remove your motorcycles wheels and do maintenance or repairs on brakes, change a tyre or fix a flat tube!


Repairing or replacing a motorcycle tyre with hand tyre repair tools requires specific skills and knowledge. If you have no experienced with motorcycle tire repair or replacement then it is extremely important that you acquire these skills before you set of on any adventure. It is essential that you are confident with the tools and have at least done a couple of tyre repairs in a controlled environment. Trying to repair a flat tyre in a remote place without the appropriate knowledge and skills can get you in serious trouble!

The Tyre Extension Tool Kit includes;

  • two Tyre-Pro tire spoons
  • one Tyre-Pro bead breaker
  • one Tyre-Pro handle set
  • one Eastbound storage pouch
  • one set of spare O-rings
  • user instructions

An ultra-compact, lightweight and truly pocket sized motorcycle tyre repair kit

The most commonly used motorcycle tyre repair kits are not designed with the emphasis on weight and compactness. They are often too long to fit in a tool roll and difficult to carry on a motorbike with very little storage space. While too long to fit a tool roll they are often too short to be really efficient when used.

The Tyre-Pro motorcycle tyre repair kit solves these paradoxal requirements and is truly pocket size and yet provides full size ring spanners, tire levers and a patented powerful bead breaker.

Packing size optimized for motorcycle travel

This motorcycle tyre repair kit is packed in a small pouch of only 17 x 9cm (6.7″ x 3.6″). With roughly the size of a smartphone, this pouch weights only +/- 275 grams (0.60 lbs/9.7 oz). This allows for easy permanent storage on the bike.

You can also easily carry the kit in your jacket pockets or even inner pockets. Very useful for day rides when you don’t carry luggage. The Tyre-Pro tools kits are specifically designed for these situations and save weight and space!

TIP; preparing for a holiday or adventure trip!?

Do you check your tires for thread depth, wear or damage? Do you also check how old your tires are and when they have been fitted on the rims?  If a tire has been on a rim for a couple of years without being touched, the rubber can be almost “vulcanized” to the Aluminium rims.

Breaking the bead with hand tools in case of a puncture in that situation in the field will be a very very difficult job depending on tire brand and type.

If the tire has been on the rim for a long time it is therefore strongly recommended to break the bead before departure (or have it broken in your motorcycle shop) and “freshen up” and lubricated the beads with tire lube. It will make your life a lot easier in case of that dreaded punture in the middle of nowhere!

Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail! 

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2 reviews for Motorcycle Tyre Repair Extension Kit (for Wheel Service Kits)

  1. Frank V.

    Beautifully machined quality tools!

  2. Patrick

    Absolutely another stunning quality tool from eastbound. Super happy with the tools,service & fast shipping to USA. Highly recommend the company & every machined product. Can’t go wrong. I’ve got zip ties, lock tight & shrink wrap stored inside the handles

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