Yamaha Ténéré 700 Wheel Service Tool Kit

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This kit provides all tools to remove and install front and rear wheels of the Yamaha Ténéré 700. The kit packs in a small heavy duty canvas zipper pouch of 17cm x 9cm.




Yamaha Ténéré 700 Wheel Service Tool Kit;

This Yamaha Tool Kit for front and rear wheels is built around the Multifunctional Eastbound HEX Axle Tool. The complete kit packs in a small 17cm x 9cm canvas pouch.

With this compact kit under your seat, Ténéré  700 wheel removal for maintenance or repairs can be done anytime anywhere!

Tyre repair kit

An added bonus of this Kit is the multifunctional Eastbound HEX axle tool. With its 3/8″ square socket drive ends and knurled centre ring it doubles as “screw driver” type handhold. With the 3/8″ square socket adapter in one of the HEX tool ends it connects to a large range of  HEX sockets, Torx sockets, Alan key bits, Torx bits, etc. Add a set of assorted sockets and bits that suit your bike and you have a complete ‘toolbox’ at hand. (Note that screw driver is not included in this kit)

HEX front axle tool

Ténéré 700 Rear wheel removal;

Yamaha has made the rear wheel axle design a bit more complicated than necessary. The Ténéré 700’s rear axle nut is partially recessed inside the swing arm. It requires a conventional 27 mm socket or ring spanner to properly access and remove the 27 mm nut. This kit includes a special BGS low profile 27mm chrome vanadium 3/8 ” socket for that purpose. The low profile socket is much shorter and lighter than a standard 27mm steel socket and easier to pack.

Tyre Repair Kit

Ténéré 700 Front wheel removal;

To remove the front wheel, you need a 19mm HEX Allen key to loosen the Axle bolt, a 10 mm socket* to loosen the pinch bolts and a 12 mm socket to remove one of the brake calipers to allow the wheel to pass between the fork legs. All these tool elements are included in this special kit.

* the 10mm socket is also a 10mm bit holder which makes the tools set even more multifunctional because you can use Alan, Torx and screw driver bits in the this super handy adapter.

tire repair kit

The Eastbound Ténéré 700 Wheel Service Kit provides all tools required to remove and reinstall both wheels in a handy and compact kit.

The Yamaha Tool Kit includes; 

  • one (1) Eastbound 7075 T6 lightweight and multifunctional HEX Axle tool; for front axle bolt and as adapter for various sockets.
  • one (1) 22 mm Eastbound 7075 T6 lightweight wrench; to drive the HEX axle tool (together with the lever set)
  • one (1) Gedore 3/8″ x 3/8″ square drive adapter; to connect the various sockets to the HEX axle tool.
  • one (1) BGS low profile 3/8″ x 27 mm chrome vanadium socket; for removing rear axle nut.
  • one (1) BGS 3/8″ x 12 mm chrome vanadium socket; for removing front brake caliper 12 mm bolts
  • one (1) BGS 3/8″ x 10 mm chrome vanadium socket & bit holder; for the front axle 10mm pinch bolts and multifunctional use with 10 mm Alan, Torx or screw driver bits.
  • one (1) Eastbound Tyre-Pro tool storage pouch (loose)
  • one (1) Eastbound 7075 T6 lightweight lever set; required for use with the 22 mm Eastbound wrench….

Extending your Ténéré 700 Kit; 

You can simply extend your Ténéré 700 Wheel kit with the Yamaha Ténéré 700 Tyre Kit Extension Smart Bundle. The extra items complete the kit to the level that you can service the bike wheels, brakes, change a tyre or fix a road side flat tube!

Tenere Tyre repair kit

BGS technic KG is a traditional, owner-run, German based family business, which has been supplying a steadily growing range of hand tools and specialty motor vehicle tools for over 45 years. BGS tools stand out because of their high quality and excellent value for money.

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  1. Peter Smart

    Wow, this has to be the best toolkit on the market. It is light weight and compact, so its easy to carry and store under the seat on the bike. It is so well made and the pieces fit together perfectly. By using the combination tools you reduce the amount of tools you need but actually have all the tools you need to remove both wheels on the Tenere 700. These are so good I just ordered the tyre-pro Base Kit for tyre removal as well. Brilliant work Eastbound.

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