Yamaha T700 Tyre Kit Extension Smart Bundle

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Extension Kit to the Yamaha T700 Wheel Service Kit. 

With these items you extend your T700 Wheel Service Kit to a complete tool kit to service your wheels, brakes, replace tyres or repair a roadside flat tyre.

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Yamaha T700 Tyre Kit Extension Smart Bundle;

You can simply extend your T700 Wheel service kit with this Yamaha T700 Tyre Kit Extension Smart Bundle.

The extra items in this kit complete the Wheel Service Kit. It allows you to service the bikes wheels, brakes, change a tyre or fix a road side flat tube!

This kit contains all items to extend your Yamaha T700 Wheel Service Kit with an extra Tyre-Pro lever set, 2 extra Tyre-Pro tyre spoons, the unique Eastbound Tyre-Pro bead breaker and the heavy duty 14 Oz canvas storage pouch. With these items you have all items of the Tyre-Pro Base Kit plus all items needed to remove and reinstall your wheels.



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