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Tyre-Pro motorcycle tire spoon

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Lightweight 7075 T6 aluminium tire spoon for use with Tyre-Pro kit and compatible with MotoWinch.


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Repairing or replacing a motorcycle tyre with hand tools requires specific skills and knowledge. If you have no experienced with motorcycle tire repair or replacement then it is extremely important that you acquire these skills before you sett of on any adventure. It is essential that you are confident with the tools and have at least done a couple of tyre repairs in a controlled environment. Trying to repair a flat tyre in a remote place without the appropriate knowledge and skills can get you in serious trouble!

Tyre-Pro motorcycle tire spoons, for use with Tyre-Pro handles or with MotoWinch.

The loose motorcycle tire spoons can be used;

  • in combination with the 20 mm shaft of the MotoWinch or,
  • as a third spoon together with the Tyre-Pro Base Kit. Or with an extra handle set if you prefer three tire levers over working with two. The two handle sets provided with the Base Kit can be used with three spoons.

Motorcycle tyres (most) can easily be removed from and re-installed on the rim with these long and powerful handles. The spoons are CNC machined from the extremely strong billet 7075 T6 “Aerospace” Aluminium and anodized finished.

Ultra light & Compact

The Eastbound Tyre-Pro motorcycle tire spoons are lighter and much more compact than any other comparable motorcycle tire spoon; there is no comparable tire spoon really! They are also much more efficient and easier to use due to their longer modular handles. The Eastbound motorcycle tire spoon is 11,5 cm long and weighs 45 grams. The tire spoons fit on the Tyre-Pro handle set and the MotoWinch upper shaft sections.

Modular design

Tyre-Pro handle sections are 13,5 cm (5.3″) and can be assembled in various combinations. Common handle sections for all applications reduce size, volume and weight of the tools significantly. It eliminates carrying around unnecessary bulk.

Even with normal workshop tools, removing a wheel, breaking the bead and removing the tyre from the rim for replacement or fix a flat tube can be a very tough job, particularly in the field. With the Eastbound Tyre-Pro tools these tough jobs suddenly get a whole lot easier.

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