Eastbound Tyre-Pro Bead Breaker

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Tyre-Pro Bead breaker (loose item); turn your MotoWinch into a multifunctional tool.

Tenere Tyre repair kit
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Tyre-Pro Bead breaker

The Tyre-Pro bead breaker is an optional item with the MotoWinch.  The MotoWinch upper shafts sections are designed so they can be used as lever sections for the Tyre-Pro spoons. Add this bead breaker and you have an incredibly compact, yet powerful bead breaker pliers with your MotoWinch which will break the bead on any motorcycle tire.

Note; the bead breaker is standard included in the Eastbound Tyre-Pro Base Pack and only works with the Eastbound Tyre-Pro spoons. 



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