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Chain Oiler – OSCO (one second chain oiler)

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OSCO; One Second Chain Oiler. Lubricating your chain has never been so easy! On top it is also the cheapest way to maintain your chain. Includes all installation hardware and one bottle of oil. Only available in black.

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Chain oiler; OSCO – One Second Chain Oiler;

Lubricating the chain of your motorcycle is often a messy and unhandy job. Especially when your bike doesn’t have a centre stand. To solve this problem, Dutch motorcycle repair company Motofit developed a simple but very effective, economical and eco-friendly lubricating system. You can easily mount and transfer the OSCO chain oiler on almost any motorbike in about 20 to 30 minutes. The unit is all mechanical, no electrical connections or vacuum lines from your carb or injector body and no requirements to accurately adjust the oil dosing  quantity.

The OSCO chain oiler needs little space and works semi-automatically. It’s up to you to lubricate the chain whenever it’s necessary. It’s only a matter of seconds, no more than that.

How to lubricate?

  • ride your bike at walking pace
  • pull out the plunger and let it go again. 
  • keep on riding for about 50 – 100 metres at walking pace

In the meantime the OSCO chain oiler will evenly distribute 2 cc of chain oil in 7 to 10 seconds on the chain. The result: The bike rides better and your (expensive) chain and sprocket set will last thousands of kilometres longer.

You decide when you lubricate your chain!

Lubrication takes place in a very safe manner. If you lubricate according to the instructions there is no chance of spillage or wasting oil nor of contaminating the rear rim and tyre. This means that the OSCO chain oiler is very suitable for all touring, onroad, offroad, custom and supersport motorbikes. The average lubricating interval is about 300 km (200 miles). Your riding style and weather conditions can reduce or increase the lubricating interval.

OSCO: the most cost-effective way to lubricate your chain!

The oil reservoir has a capacity of 50 cc. A correctly filled OSCO (80% of the filling capacity) can lubricate the chain at least 20 times! If you lubricate your chain every 300 kilometers, you are guaranteed to get 6000 kilometres of riding pleasure out of one (1) OSCO fill. Refilling the reservoir also takes only seconds.

The OSCO is supplied with;

  • a complete installation hardware kit,
  • a 100 ml bottle of motorcycle chain oil,
  • installation instructions and user’s manual.

The hardware kit enables you to mount the OSCO on almost every motorcycle in 20 to 30 minutes.


The OSCO chain oiler is also suitble for use with a good quality gearbox oil (75W90) or motor oil (15W50). According to the many positive users’ reports of motorcyclists using these types of oils, your chain set will last much, much longer! World travelers and other Adventure motorbikers who ride under extreme conditions are very pleased that they can use regular and easily available oil types in the OSCO unit.

Calculation example:

With only one (1) litre of good quality gearbox oil (about € 20) you can lubricate your chain(s) for about 150,000 kilometres. That means not even € 0,04 per lubricating action.

Note; the OSCO’s are only available in black.

Installation Video 


Additional information

Weight 0,365 kg
Dimensions 15,5 × 12,5 × 7,0 cm
unit weight

125 gram

unit dimensions

height 100 mm, diameter 40 mm

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