3 Way valve core fishing tool; Moose Racing

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Multifunctional valve core fishing tool preventing damaged hands and very convenient for road side repairs when you have limited tools and facilities.

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Valve core fishing tool

Getting a tube valve in the 8mm rim hole can be very challenging. Particularly when you have a heavy duty inner tube. Damaged fingers and abraded knuckles are more rule than exception. Not with this valve core fishing tool. The handle piece is multifunctional and doubles as valve core puller and deflator. Very small and easy to pack and use.


  • an 8″ high-strength flexible steel cable
  • Cable tip with a male valve core plug
  • The tip is designed to screw into the valve’s stem instead of over the stem
  • Allows you 100% clearance through the hole in your rim
  • The handle piece doubles as tire deflator and valve core remover

How to use the tool;

After putting the tire with one side over the rim and before installing the new or repaired tube;

  • feed the tip of the tool through the valve hole in the rim. Feed it from the outside to the inside of the rim.
  • find the tip and pull it from under the tire to the outside. Leave it hanging.
  • now install the tube with the valve stem in the correct place but keep the valve stem just outside the rim.
  • screw the tip of the tool in the valve and put the rest of the tube inside tire.
  • guide the tube and valve stem with one hand toward the rim hole. Pull the tool gently at the handle piece with the other hand and pull the valve throught rim hole.
  • make sure the valve stem feeds into the rim hole in a relatively straight way and NOT  under a steep angle! You can guide it with your hand. Never force it! If the stem is not going in relatively straight the valve stem can get jammed in the 8mm hole.

TIP; it can be usefull to put the valve nut over the tool tip before feeding the tip through the rim hole. In that case you are able fit the nut on the valve stem before removing the tool tip from the valve. Otherwise you run the risk that the valve disapears again in the rim due to tension in the stiff rubber tube…



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