Lezyne hand pump; Alloy Drive S (high volume)

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A very compact, lightweight all CNC machined aluminium hand pump featuring plenty of pumping efficiency. Ideal for inflating tires of enduro, dual sport and off road bikes.

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Hand pump vs. electrical pump!

Lezyne hand pumps are very compact, lightweight and much easier to carry on enduro bikes with virtually no storage capacity than an electrical pump. These are all features you are looking for on light enduro, dual sport and off road bikes. The rims on these bikes usually have smaller tires and the internal design of the rim does not have a safety bead. This makes a tube repair/change, reinflation and reseating the bead relatively easy, compared to the large adventure bikes.

Why a Lezyne Alloy Drive hand pump?

The Alloy Drive S hand pump is a compact, lightweight hand pump. Handle, barrel and piston are all made of CNC machined aluminium. It has an efficient overlapping aluminium handle, barrel and piston optimized for high volume applications. Equiped with the ABS Flex hose; Presta and Shrader valve compatible. Includes lightweight composite matrix frame mount. The Lezyne Alloy Drive is larger than the Pocket Drive and has approx double the pumping volume.


Pressure; 90 psi / 6,2 bar
Weight; 4.0 oz / 120 gram
Dimensions; L = 6,7″, D = 1.2″ / L = 190 mm, D = 31 mm

For big adventure bikes with larger tires it is probably better to go for an electrical pump. It a personal choice though and if you like a solid workout, it is entirely feasible to inflate the tire of e.g. an Africa Twin CRF1000 with these handpumps.

Additional information

Weight 0.155 kg
Dimensions 23 × 12 × 3.1 cm
above values

are package weight and dimensions

Pump dimension

L = 19cm, D = 3,1 cm

Pump weight

120 gram

Gtin : EAN



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