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Chain break & rivet tool

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The well thought-out (Booster) chain rivet tool is made for easy breaking and quick and solid rivetting of the chain.

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Motorcycle Chain break & rivet tool

The chain of a motorcycle must be well maintained and sometimes replaced. If you replace your motorcycle chain yourself and your chain is riveted, you need a chain breaker / rivet tool.

Designed for breaking a DID chain and riveting hollow DID rivet links. By using a threaded spindle, a precise and solid rivet is formed, without the need for a hammer.

This well thought-out (Booster) tool (D.I.D. type) is made for easy breaking and quick and solid rivetting of the chain. Suitable for 520, 525, 530, 532 chains. (Not for Regina chains). The tool is delivered in a hard case and includes clear working instructions.

It is necessary to determine in advance whether your chain link is the correct one for the chain on your bike. Each chain uses a specific type of links therefore only use DID master links.

Note; it is important that the pin heads of the old chain link which you want to break are ground flat with an angle grinder before breaking the chain. Not doing so, can result in damage to the tool’s rivet pin.

Tip; when you compress the chain link on your new chain, use a torque wrench and thighten the tool pin hex bolt to 30Nm on each pin. Do now exceed this value because the chain link will start binding.




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