Individual MotoWinch Components

Aluminium MotoWinch Parts

The MotoWinch is entirely designed and manufactured in the Netherlands with the highest quality CNC machines. The Aluminium alloys are a mix of “Aerospace” and  construction alloys to optimize strength and weight. All critical parts are CNC machined from the top of the range, strongest and most durable billet 7075 T6 alloys. The Aluminium parts are anodized to ensure  optimal surface finish.


Ratchet & Strap; 

Important Note about the Ratchet design; 

The available LC1500 and LC2500 ratchets are 100% standard industrial design cargo ratchets. Contrary to some other motorcycle hoist makers, Eastbound only uses unmodified ratchets. This is not only very convenient for the user when the ratchet for whatever reason needs replacement but much more important is the fact that ratchets are designed and manufactured in accordance with EN12195-2 and the applicable requirements of the European Machinery Directive. Tampering with the ratchet design by either reversing the rotational direction or extending the lever are simply irresponsible and can lead to catastrophic failure of the ratchet causing  bike damage or severe personal injury! 

Selection criteria
The MotoWinch is available with two ratchet sizes. An LC1500 and an LC2500. The LC1500 is suitable for lifting most street bikes with a “normal” center of gravity like tourers or cruisers. When the motorbike is heavier or the motorbike has a high center of gravity, like big capacity Adventure bikes, (include possible luggage) the LC1500 ratchet becomes unpractical and heavy to operate. The larger LC2500 is then advised, or when the packing weight of the MotoWinch is not an issue. The LC2500 package is a bit wider and 0,4kg (0,88lbs) heavier. The strap is a custom made 35mm wide strap with a length of 200cm. This strap is used on both type ratchets.

motorcycle jack; motowinch to lift a fallen motorcycle

Heavy duty storage bag

The storage bag is a heavy duty compression type bag with Velcro closing strips and binding strap to keep the package together. The binding strap is also used for locking the front brake lever during winching. The bag is made of very strong 14 Oz. PVC coated canvas. It has been designed with a minimum of seams and the PVC coating makes the material itself completely water tight. The seam however is not water tight. 

lifting a fallen motorcycle

Load Spreader Foot Plate (optional)

If your bike is a dual sports bike and you take it off road, chances are that the terrain will occasionally be very marshy, muddy or soft. This type of terrain creates the “ideal” circumstance to drop your bike. When the terrain is too soft to put your bike on its (std sized) side stand, it will also be too soft to use the MotoWinch without the load spreader foot. For these situation the load spreader is required. The load spreader is a ᴓ80mm x 15mm Delrin plate with a grooved underside to increase ground friction and a chamber in the top that fits the rubber ferrule foot of the MotoWinch. 

Tyre spoon set (optional)

The Tyre spoons (11,5cm / 45gr) have receptacles that fit the ᴓ20mm MotoWinch shaft sections. These shaft sections are 22,5cm (8.9″) long providing you with a tyre lever with an effective length of 33cm (13″). This can even be extended by adding another section of the MotoWinch shaft, giving you a tyre lever of 55cm! (21.6″). You can make two 33cm levers or one 33cm and one 55cm lever with the available shafts. Most motorcycle tyres can very easily be removed from and re-installed on the rim with these long and powerful levers. The tyre spoons can be combined with axle nut spanners into a kit which includes a storage pouch. The spoons are also CNC machined from the extremely strong billet 7075 T6 “Aerospace” Aluminium and anodized finished. For detailed info see; Product Info / Tyre-Pro Tools Info

Tyre-Pro Patented Bead Breaker (optional)

The Tyre-Pro bead breaker is an innovative and uniquely designed tool element which joins the two Eastbound tire spoons and creates a powerful bead breaker plier with the functionality, dimensions and power of professional shop tools. The Tyre-Pro bead breaker set combines long powerful levers with a plier opening span of 35mm (from closed to fully open).  Conventional travel bead breaker tools have a much smaller span (approx. 15mm) and much shorter levers, making the bead breaking on many tyres still very difficult. The Tyre-Pro set will break the bead on any motorcycle tyre. For detailed info see; Product Info / Tyre-Pro Tools Info

motorcycle tyre bead breaker

Axle Nut Ring Spanner Set (optional)

Like the tyre spoons, the axle nut ring spanners (10cm / 50gr) have receptacles that fit the ᴓ20mm MotoWinch shaft sections, providing you with spanners with an effective working length of 32cm (12.6″) or 54cm (21.3″). Any axle nut can very easily be loosened and  tightened with the right size ring spanners. The axle nut spanner are available in the sizes 17, 19, 22, 24, 27, 32 and 34mm. The ring spanners can be combined with the tyre spoons and the bead breaker into a kit which includes a storage pouch. The spanners are also CNC machined from extremely strong billet 7075 T6 “Aerospace” Aluminium and anodized finished. For detailed info see; Product Info / Tyre-Pro Tools Info

Axle Nut Wrenches

Tyre-Pro 13mm-3/8″ square drive set (optional)

The 13mm Tyre-Pro adapter together with the  3/8″ square drive convertor opens up the possibility of using the Tyre-Pro lever sections on a wide range of 3/8″ square drive tools, metric sockets, inch sockets or Torx bit sockets to service for instance BMW R1200GS brakes or remove a wheel to change the rear tire. 

For detailed info see; Product Info / Tyre-Pro Tools Info

tyre-pro tools