Eastbound WheelWedge; tire and wheel installation tool

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Eastbound WheelWedge.

Installation helper tool to make installation of a motorcycle tire on a rim and the wheel back on your motorcycle a whole lot easier!

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Eastbound WheelWedge

The WheelWedge is an option with the Tyre-Pro spoons and handle set. The unique multifunctional Eastbound WheelWedge is a motorcycle tire and wheel installation helper tool. It makes installation of a motorcycle rear wheel a lot easier by eliminating the necessity of hand lifting the heavy wheel while keeping the spacers in place, guiding the rotor between the pads and aligning the axle bolt holes all at the same time.

The WheelWedge is multifunctional and besides its function as rear wheel installation tool, it also doubles as a bead locking device during tire removal, repair and installation.

You can also use the WheelWedge for the following essential actions;

  • Breaking the bead; push the flat end between tire and rim to create room for bead breaker.
  • Removing the tire; push the nocks between tire and rim to keep the bead in the rim recess in opposite position of where you want to flip the tire over the rim first.
  • Install the tire; push the nocks between tire and rim and lock the bead in place to prevent the tire bead from “walking” out again under tension during tire installation.
  • Install the wheel; use it as a ramp (together with the spoons and handle set) to conveniently roll the wheel in position and level to put axle shaft/bolt back in place.

The WheelWedge in an option with the Tyre-Pro tool set. For a Demonstration Video of the WheelWedge and Tyre-Pro tools, click HERE

Note; you need two Tyre-Pro handle sets and two Tyre-Pro spoons to assemble the WheelWedge. The WheelWedge is not compatible with only the MotoWinch shaft sections.

Tip; when pushing the WheelWedge under the motorcycle tire, depending on the surface, the spoons may get scratched lightly. If you want to prevent this, use a piece of cloth or card bord under the spoons. Possible scratches are only cosmetic and will not affect the functioning or structural integrity of the spoons.

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1 review for Eastbound WheelWedge; tire and wheel installation tool

  1. Christopher Moritz

    Hi there and thank you!! I just used my Wheel Wedge for the first to change suspension linkage. WOW!! No more sore arms and awkward lifting. Simply tap in the wedge where you want it and do your suspension/wheel removal and service. Very clever, simple and compact design. I highly recommend this tool as part of the tire repair kit.

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