Rocky Creek Pocket Pump Combo

69,45 (84,03 - incl. VAT) VAT price is for European Union Customers)

Rocky Creek Pocket Pump Combo Smart Bundle consisting of;

  • Rocky Creek MotoPressor Pocket Pump
  • Rocky Creek Inline Tire Gauge
  • 12V DIN adapter cable for Rocky Creek Pumps


This Combo Smart Bundle contains;

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Do not use this pump in a standard BMW accessory outlet, unless it is wired directly to the battery. The CAN-bus system monitors and limits the amperage of accessory outlets. A CAN-bus accessory outlet will automatically shut off the circuit and the MotoPressor will stop working. It is not the fault of the MotoPressor. If you have a CANbus equipped bike and you are not sure about using the accessory outlet, connect the supplied SAE cable with terminal connectors directly to your battery and use the SAE plug to power the pump.

Additional information

Weight 1.315 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 15 cm


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