MotoWinch LC2500 Motorcycle Hoist

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The LC2500 MotoWinch; the larger of the two Motowinches;

LC2500 MotoWinch motorcycle jack or hoist, suitable for the heavier street motorcycles and cruisers and large capacity adventure bikes with a high centre of gravity including possible luggage.

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A motorcycle jack to lift your fallen motorcycle! Read what the MotoWinch can do for you!

Are you looking for a motorcycle jack to lift a fallen motorcycle? Let the fear of being unable to lift your fallen motorcycle not keep you from going on solo trips. The MotoWinch provides you with autonomy again on weekend trips or adventurous rides, away from the beaten track. Dropping your motorcycle is no longer a problem. You will be on your way again in minutes in stead of waiting for help to pass by.


The compact and lightweight LC2500 MotoWinch motorcycle jack lifts a dropped motorcycle but it also is a multifunctional tool. It combines functionality of several applications and works on almost any motorcycle. If treated with care it lasts a life time. The 110cm (43.3″) working height of the MotoWinch is chosen to allow easy lifting of all types of motorcycles, including tall dual sports motorcycles.

LC2500 MotoWinch features;

  • Motorcycle jack to help you lift a dropped motorcycle. Think about pinned down situations as well!
  • The MotoWinch can be assembled in various arrangements from 2 shaft elements (approx 45cm) to all 5 shaft elements (110cm).
  • Service jack for general maintenance, like chain lube, brake inspection, etc.
  • Axle wheel nut wrench extension to remove your wheels (optional).
  • Tyre spoon extension to remove and install a tyre from/on the rim (optional)
  • Bead breaker tool to separate tyre from rim (optional).
  • 3/8 inch square socket drive adapter extension, opening a range of possibilities (optional)


Note; the lower alu tubes can have some minor cosmetic imperfections. see here for more info

Size Selection;

The LC2500 MotoWinch suitable for the heavier street motorcycles and cruisers of over 300kg / 660lbs and large adventure bikes (>1000cc) including possible luggage. The LC2500 package is a bit wider and 0,4kg (0,88lbs) heavier than the LC1500. For detailed technical information please refer to the Technical Product Info

MotoWinch Size selection;

As a rule of thumb, the LC1500 MotoWinch is suitable for the single cilinder motorcycles with approx 20 to 25kg luggage and mid size twin cilinder motorcycles (210kg class) without luggage. If you ride a single cilinder motorcycle on a long trip with 30+ kg of luggage or a twin cilinder with any kind of luggage, please choose the LC2500. The luggage changes everything!

The LC2500 MotoWinch is also capable of lifting any other type of motorcycle up to and including large HD Cruisers.

If you are still not sure which size MotoWinch is best suited for your motorcycle please ask us at;

See DEMO Video’s 

All below shown items are fully compatible with the MotoWinch. 

Additional information

Weight 2,27 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 15 cm
Above data;

are for shipping purposes only

Nett weight of LC2500 MotoWinch

2150 gram, 4.6 lbs

Working height of MotoWinch

110 cm, 3' 7"

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14 reviews for MotoWinch LC2500 Motorcycle Hoist

  1. LAURA BUITRON – Chicka Motorunner

    I have a BMWf800GSA, a quite big and heavy bike for my body frame and strength. Different bike size give different riding experiences and I don’t want to give up my GSA, or stop riding solo, or stop daring to ride remote areas only because I drop my bike a lot … a lot! The MotoWinch has become the perfect solution for me and my riding style and bike size. Ride your ride and get the proper tools and accessories to allow to do it your way. Thumbs up for Eastbound helping me to get where I want!

  2. Christopher Moritz

    I have a beast of a bike Super Tenere. I have dropped my 600+ pound bike more than once and it’s getting darn near impossible to pick up when riding solo. The MotoWinch is the hot ticket for saving your strength and continuing on your way with no drama. It’s compact, quick to setup, and simple to use. Another big plus is how well it’s fabricated. High quality components and nice tight fitting extensions. Don’t forget to get the optional Delrin load spreader. It doubles for a kickstand pad in the soft stuff. Thank you Eastbound!

  3. Brad Cass

    Hi mate, well I must thank you for making such an awesome bit of kit with the winch. Yesterday I had my bike on its stand in muddy conditions. I went to stand on the peg to mount it when it fell. My leg was pinned under the rear pillion peg and I was stuck in mud on my side.
    I was able to get the winch from its holder I made and after about 10 minutes lifted the rear up enough to get my leg out.
    Luckily I only ride with quality boots otherwise my leg would have broken.

    So from the bottom of my heart thank you

  4. Ed Conzel

    On Day 3 of my New Mexico BDR trip I ran into a section of tennis ball-sized gravel that was very deep and very loose. I wasn’t going fast, but still was not able to correct the steering and went down.
    I was close to the side of the road where there was a drop-off. The bike was very close to the edge and it would not be easy to get it back on the road. The worse part of the situation was that when the bike went down, it trapped my right leg underneath the right pannier.

    I had the MotoWinch for just this sort of problem and had packed it on the outside of my luggage so I could reach it if I was in a situation like this. My trapped leg made moving around difficult and painful. But with some hard work and patience, I was able to access the MotoWinch and lift the bike off of my leg. Unlike other bike jacks, the MotoWinch attaches to the handlebar…this was great! In my trapped situation, it would have been a lot harder to attach the strap somewhere on the frame like most other bike jacks require. After I had freed my leg, I used the MotoWinch to winch the bike, a few inches at a time, away from the edge.
    Thanks for a great product!

  5. Michael Kirkpatrick

    This is the best motorcycle raising device available. It raises my top heavy Triumph Tiger 1200 with ease and also stores away in a small package without taking up too much room in panniers.
    The owner of the company provides some of the best customer service of any I’ve dealt with. I highly recommend Eastbound products!

  6. Karl Webb

    Brilliant Product -What a great tool the motorcycle hoist is ? I ordered it and it arrived very quickly in Tasmania Australia.
    As a new Adventure rider with a Moto Guzzi V85TT, who always carries tools etc in my top box and rides a lot on my own, having the hoist with me gives me a lot more confidence. It will always go with me now.
    Thanks again Noel ??

  7. バイクマン1号


  8. Steve

    I’m 72 years old and accidently laid my Harley on the skid bar in my barn. I could not lift using any of the recommended technics, so there I am, what to do now. I screwed a 2×4 to a studded wall and used a cargo ratchet strap to lift it enough to where I could stand it up. Now how would I do this if it ever happened somewhere else. I searched the internet high and low and stumbled upon this Motowinch and said, this is it. I got to have it. It arrived today and is the slickest tool I have for my Harley. Thank you Eastbound for a very well engineered tool that serves us old guys well. Extremely fast shipping to the US. Very happy I am.

  9. Anthony white

    Order dispatched yesterday and received today in the UK. Excellent delivery. Excellent customer service. Replied promptly to questions and stuck to what they said.
    Product looks extremely well made and well thought out. Tried it and it works a treat. Now i can start riding again as i had to give up due to a dodgy shoulder (still recovering) was almost on the verge of selling my bike as if I couldn’t pick it up then i would be in a bad situation if i fell off and no one around to help lift my bike. However, that has now been sorted due to this excellent product.
    My only negative is the import duty but that is not eastbound fault (just an over zealous tax man). But honestly, worth the extra pounds spent.
    Will definitely be ordering other items.
    Cheers for a job well done.

  10. Brandon M. (Texas, USA)

    I realized that I needed this LC2500 after my son and I were out on our bikes in the bush and he laid his over on some uneven terrain. He was riding his DRZ400 and I was on my KLR 650. Needless to say, my bike is a lot heavier than his and the fact that it took both of us to get his motorcycle back up off of the ground was a real eye opener. Had either one of us been alone and fallen over like that, we would have had a real problem on our hands. Fortunately we were together and no one was injured. Once we got out of the woods and I got back to my house I did a search for motorcycle recovery devices and found Eastbound. Needless to say, I placed an order immediately! I have only tried using it in my own yard up to this point and it works very well. I now carry it with me whenever and wherever I ride. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I can now lift my near 500 pound/230 Kilo bike up by myself without any assistance! Also, Eastbound shipped right away and I had my order delivered by FedEx within a week! Suffices to say I am a very happy customer and have already recommended this device to several friends and relatives.

  11. りら


  12. Travis

    I usually ride solo doing a lot backcountry and BDR routes and this gives me a huge sense of confidence. It’s burly but light and the customer service is as good as I’ve experienced. Highly recommend.

  13. Kazuya Nakamura

    I purchased this product on April11 from Japan, arrived on April 15. Very fast delivery! I practiced with it. If you would, please watch this video on LC2500.

  14. ごすけ

    CRF1100L アフリカツイン用に購入

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