Eastbound MotoWinch LC1500

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The LC1500 MotoWinch for medium size bikes up to approx 250kg / 550lbs, including luggage. For heavier bikes, please refer to the LC2500 MotoWinch

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A motorcycle jack to lift your dropped motorcycle! Read what more the MotoWinch can do for you!

Are you looking for a motorcycle jack to lift a dropped motorcycle? Let the fear of being unable to lift your dropped motorcycle not keep you from going on solo trips. The MotoWinch provides you with autonomy again to go on weekend trips or adventurous rides, away from the beaten track. No more fear of dropping your bike and having to wait until helping hands pass by.


The compact and lightweight LC1500 MotoWinch is not only designed as a motorcycle jack to lift a dropped motorcycle but it is also designed as a multitool. It combines functionality of several application and works on almost any bike. If treated with care it lasts a life time. The 110cm (43.3″) working height of the MotoWinch is chosen to allow easy lifting of all types of  motorbikes, including tall dual sports bikes.

The LC1500 MotoWinch offers you a;

  • Motorcycle jack to help you lift a dropped motorcycle. Think about pinned down situations aswell!
  • The MotoWinch can be assembled in various arrangements from 2 shaft elements (approx 45cm) to all 5 shaft elements (110cm).
  • Service jack for general maintenance, like chain lube, brake inspection, etc.
  • Bead breaker to separate tyre from rim (optional).
  • Axle wheel nut spanner set to remove your wheels (optional).
  • Tyre spoon set to remove / mount tyre from / on your rims (optional).
  • 3/8 inch square socket drive adapter extension, opening a range of possibilities (optional).

The LC1500 ratchet is suitable for lifting Street bikes or Cruisers of up to roughly 300kg/660lbs (low centre of gravity)  or Adventure bikes of up to 250kg/550lbs (high centre of gravity). When your Street bike or Adventure bike is heavier than respectively 300kg/660lbs or 250kg/550lbs, then the LC1500 ratchet becomes unpractical and heavy to operate and the larger LC2500 is the better option. For more details please refer to the tab Technical Product Info. 

All below shown products are fully compatible with the MotoWinch 

Additional information

Weight1.9 kg
Dimensions25 × 15 × 15 cm
Above data

is for shipping purposes only

Nett weight of LC1500 MotoWinch

1700 gram, 3.7 lbs

Weight including storage bag

1830 grams, 4.0 lbs

Working height of MotoWinch

110 cm, 3' 7"

2 reviews for Eastbound MotoWinch LC1500

  1. Simon Creasey

    The Eastbound motorcycle hoist is a beautifully designed and constructed bit of kit. It stows in one small pouch and can be deployed in a couple of minutes. It is very easy to assemble and to use. It made very light work of lifting my Africa Twin although if you have a bike of this weight you would be well advised to choose the larger of the two ratchet options. I chose the smaller, which coped perfectly well with lifting my bike but the larger would be make the task easier. Noel (at Eastbound) has been exceptionally helpful throughout. I also ordered tyre leaver set and ring spanners. He contacted me to let me know that I had over-ordered some of the parts and was also more than happy to swap the ratchet blocks referred to above. The tyre levers have also been beautifully designed and constructed although I haven’t had a chance to use them yet, I have every expectation that they will perform exceptionally well. In summary, design, construction, ease of use and after sales support are all outstanding. I strongly recommend Eastbound to you.

  2. LAURA BUITRON – Chicka Motorunner

    I have a BMWf800GSA, a quite big and heavy bike for my body frame and strength. Different bike size give different riding experiences and I don’t want to give up my GSA, or stop riding solo, or stop daring to ride remote areas only because I drop my bike a lot … a lot! The MotoWinch has become the perfect solution for me and my riding style and bike size. Ride your ride and get the proper tools and accessories to allow to do it your way. Thumbs up for Eastbound helping me to get where I want!

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