Kick stand support pad (magnetic)

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Handy magnetic kick stand support plate for soft grounds

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This handy Kick stand support from Booster reduces the kick stand ground load when your bike is parked on a softer surface. The kick stand support is magnetic so it does not shift during parking.

Even when you park your bike on harder natural surfaces for overnight camping, this support could come in very handy. The ground may be hard while you put your bike away. However, after a good rain shower during the night, this may change quickly, particularly on grassy surfaces. You don’t want to find your bike on it’s side the next morning, with an empty tank  because all the fuel has spilled on the ground…

Note; some motorcycles have aluminium kick stands. The magnetic feature of the support plate does not work on these kick stands. The supporting capacity is of course not affected by this.


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Dimensions 13 × 12 × 1 cm


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