Fork Smart Seal Saver

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Handy tool to remove dirt from fork seals which can be the cause of anoying and dangerous oil leaks.

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Dirt in the fork seals are often the cause of annoying leaks. These leaks can have a negative effect on the handling of the front suspension. In addition, dangerous situations can occur when the oil ends up on brake components. With the help of the (Booster) smart Seal-Saver, dirt stuck in the seal can easily be removed. This prevents and eliminates leaks and increases the service life of the fork seals.

The use is simple; slide the dust cover down (if present) and click the seal saver on the fork leg. Then slide the seal saver up between and inside the seal and turn it around. The seal saver is designed in such a way that dirt is moved to the outside during the rotation and is not pushed further into the fork. Then clean the fork leg and reinstall the dust cover (if applicable).

The seal saver (shown from 2 angels in picture) is supplied with a robust holder so that it can be safely stored in your luggage or on the bike.


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