Ducati DesertX Wheel Service Kit

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This Ducati DesertX tool kit contains all the tools to remove and install front and rear wheels on the DesertX packaged in two small heavy-duty canvas pouches measuring 17cm x 9cm with zipper.


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Ducati DesertX Wheel Service Tool Kit;

This Ducati DesertX Tool Kit for front and rear wheels is specifically designed for the DesertX. The kit is delived in two small 17cm x 9cm canvas pouches. The Eastbound Ducati DesertX Wheel Service Kit provides all tools required to remove and reinstall both wheels in a handy and compact kit.

DesertX rear wheel removal;

Ducati has made the rear wheel axle and nut design again typical Ducati with a massive 36mm 12-point nut requiring special tools. This kit includes a special Eastbound low profile 36mm x 1/2 inch 12-point Aluminium 7075 T6 socket for that purpose. The socket is driven by the 1/2 inch breaker bar adapter and the Tyre-Pro modular handle sets. Total length of the assembled breaker bar is 35cm which is a must because of the whopping 180Nm tightening torque of the rear axle nut. The 36mm socket has an ultra-low profile of only 25mm due to its recessed 1/2 inch drive square. It is smaller and easier to pack than any other 36mm socket.

DesertX front wheel removal;

To remove the front wheel of the Ducati DesertX, you need a 30mm socket to loosen the front axle nut as well as a 6 mm and 8 mm Alan key to loosen the axle pinch bolts and brake calliper bolts respectively. You have to remove at least one of the brake callipers to allow the wheel to pass between the fork legs. All these tool elements are included in this special kit.

The DesertX Tool Kit includes; 

  • one (1) Eastbound 7075 T6 Aluminium 12 point 36mm x 1/2 inch low profile socket for rear nut.
  • one (1) Eastbound 1/2 inch square drive breaker bar adapter consisting of a 1/2 inch Cr-V extension sliding piece and a 13,5 cm long 7075 T6 aluminium sliding piece adapter.
  • one (1) Eastbound 7075 T6 Aluminium 1/2 inch x Hex 30mm low profile socket ; for removing of front axle nut.
  • one (1) BGS 1/2″ x 10 mm Chrome vanadium socket & bit holder; for the front brake calliper and pinch bolts bits
  • one (1) BGS 10 mm x 6mm Alan key bit, for fork pinch bolts.
  • one (1) BGS 10 mm x 8 mm Alan key bit, for brake callipers.
  • two (2) Eastbound 7075 T6 lightweight handle sets.
  • two (2) Eastbound PVC coated canvas tool storage pouches.


The Ducati DesertX Tool Kit features; 

  • lightweight breaker bar of 35 cm allowing for loosening and tightening of the high torqued rear axle nut.
  • very compact and easy to store. Longest component only 13,5cm/5,3 inches and easily fits in a tool roll.
  • torque rating 250 Nm
  • weight of the complete kit is 615 gram / 22 Oz.


Expanding your Wheel Service Kit

You can simply expand your Wheel Service Kit with the Tyre Repair Extension Kit. With these extra items you can also change a tyre or fix a road side flat tube!

Tenere Tyre repair kit

The standard commercial tool items in this kit are either from BGS technic KG and/or HeyTec;

Both companies are traditional, owner-run, German based family business, supplying a range of hand tools and specialty motor vehicle tools. They stand out because of their high quality and excellent value for money.


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Dimensions 17 × 9 × 5 cm


3 reviews for Ducati DesertX Wheel Service Kit

  1. Riccardo

    Exceptional product, extremely compact, light and durable, a valid ally for our adventures … when the mechanics are so precise it looks like jewellery, thank you so much for developing this fantastic product!

  2. Adam S

    Great product 👍https://youtu.be/kes3gUqE09Y

  3. Thomas

    excellent workmanship and quality product. it just fits under the saddle and I always have them at hand in case of need :-))

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