Lifting a fallen motorcycle or repairing a tire! The compact and lightweight MotoWinch and Tyre-Pro tools have been specially developed for adventurous motorcyclists

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What to do when you crashed and hurt yourself so much that you can't lift your bike?

Quality tools for the adventurous motorcycle traveler

Eastbound is a Dutch manufacturer of special motorcycle tools. Eastbound sells high-quality multi-function motorcycle tools directly to travellers and users.

The MotoWinch motorcycle jack and the Tyre-Pro tool kits are all original Eastbound design and manufacture, 100% made in the Netherlands. They are highly innovative, special lightweight and ultra-compact travel tools.

The MotoWinch motorcycle jack and Tyre-Pro tool kits are made from the strongest aluminum alloys and are designed with an emphasis on minimal weight and size and easy storage on your adventure, enduro or touring motorcycle. In addition, Eastbound has added a number of high-quality items to its range. Items also considered essential for enduro, long distance and adventure motorcycle travel. Eastbound products are unique and innovative, easy to use and easy to store on your motorcycle where weight and storage space are important!

Eastbound 'MotoWinch' motorcycle jack

Problems lifting your dropped motorcycle? The multifunctional Eastbound MotoWinch motorcycle jack can solve that problem for you!

Eastbound 'Tyre-Pro' tyre repair kit

Standard tools are too bulky and heavy to carry on the bike! The Tyre-Pro repair kits are specifically designed for motorcycle travel!

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